don’t u judge me

I must confess I’m quick to judge others. As much as I like to think I’m open minded, I really have some biases that cause me to render a verdict about someone’s character way too quickly. Just in case you were wondering if you were one of the chosen ones that I’ve judged too rapidly, here are my top three prejudices as of August 2010:

1) Stupid people. Its not hard to find them. They are everywhere. These are the ones that inch their way forward at a red light thinking that it will speed things along. These people are the reasons why there’s a warning about lifting the lawn mower over your head when blade is in motion. And to top it all off, these people answer rhetorical questions in public arenas such as lectures or sermons.

2) Lazy people. Those of you who will spend an hour thinking about which window to drive through when you could have cooked a healthier cheaper meal in that same time period.

3) Mean people. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes and I don’t care if you are mean to me so much as if you are mean to others. Life’s too precious to be mean. Be nice. Be happy. Or stay home.

But as much as these things taint my viewpoint. It is even worse when someone unfairly judges me. I especially hate it when people think this about me:

1) That I’m stupid. Sometimes its just because I’m blond, but other times people have wanted to “hand me a sign” because I’ve wondered why my appliance doesn’t work (when it isn’t plugged in) or because I ask them if they’ve seen my keys (that are in my hand) or because I think that The Message Bible is a handbook about back rubs.

2) That I’m lazy. I’m really a hard worker, but at times people can see the worst in me. Like the time I actually tried to walk my dog while riding in the golf cart. (this actually puts me in all three catagories)

3) That I’m mean. I’m genuinely a happy person. Life is good. God has a sense of humor and I see it everywhere. But on those days when I wasn’t smart and got only four hours of sleep and I was lazy the day before so now I have extra work to do, please steer clear of the path of “Special K” until she’s had her coffee. It just won’t be pretty for you otherwise.

So I guess I’ll really have to start trying to “Judge not, so that I’m not judged” Matthew 7:1 (special K translation). After all, it is the smart thing to do.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?