I Out-Punted My Coverage

God is more than I deserve.

PUNT TEAM: Punting the football is one method in attempting to win the field position battle. It is important for your punt coverage teams to know how to block properly, to first allow the punt to happen, and then to cover the punt keeping the return player pinned as deep at their end of the field as possible. Players selected to this important phase of the game need to be able to block, run, be aggressive, have great desire, and demonstrate the ability to tackle.

I had to have my husband explain this football concept the other day. You'd think that after knowing him for 20 years and surviving 19 football seasons with him, I'd have this down. But I'm not wise to the ways of sports terminology. Once he explained it to me, it was exactly what I thought it was. Out punting your coverage in football is a bad thing because the other team can move the ball more. My confusion came when I thought about the other way he used the phrase.

More often than not he'll look at a couple where the man is an average joe and the female is "smokin' hot" and he'll say, "That dude out punted his coverage." This confused me because in football you don't want to out punt your coverage but in a dating scenario its obviously a good thing. I was about to ask him if anyone had ever told him that he'd out-punted his coverage but then decided I really didn't want to know.

It was then that I realized that in my relationship with God I had totally out-punted my coverage. I'm just an average joellen but God is way more than I can handle. But as I said before this is a good thing.  I don't need to be in control here. I just need to enjoy the benefits. Here are a few I've experienced this week:

  1. When playing the game, its not always a blow out. Sometimes the other team scores. Sometimes I get tackled. But in the end God wins. I just need to enjoy the excitement of the game.
  2. Having more fans cheering for your team is more fun than cheering alone. It is so much more exciting to cheer on your team with a group of people and definitely more thrilling in person. I could stay home and cheer for God while watching the TV but there's more energy when I'm with others at church.
  3. There's always more to learn. As I said, I've been watching football with my husband for 19 years and finally got this analogy. I can always learn more about God and I can always learn more about football. Evil still baffles me but then again so does the onside kick.

Enjoy playing and may you out-punt your coverage in every good way today.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?