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At Thanksgiving my step mom egged my dad on to tell his story from the grocery store on the day before said holiday. He had gone in to get a couple of items. It was a zoo. Crazy full of people who weren't embracing the gratitude of the holiday yet. My dad got in line and noticed an older couple get in line behind him.


(side note: my dad is 77 so when he says an "older couple," my guess is in their 80s. If you are in your 80s and living your best life, then this designation probably doesn't apply to you.)


Then my dad decided to let this older couple go in front of him. As he described their reaction, his face lit up. You would've thought it was Christmas morning by the wonder and joy he had. Which, a, is the same wonder and joy they had. And so did my step mom. And now so did I.


Here is the wonderful thing about kindness...it really is contagious. When you do something nice for someone else, your body releases oxytocin. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. It connects you to another person. Not only do you get that warm fuzzy feeling, the same thing happens in the recipient! They feel a connection to you and to humanity in general.


But wait! There's more! If someone sees your act of kindness or if they hear about it later, THEY get the warm fuzzy awesomeness of oxytocin too! You can hear more about this phenomenon in this video by Simon Sinek...


So not only should you be kind to others, you should share stories of kindness. It doesn't have to be one of your own. Any story will do. Here's one that I really appreciated recently.


Read what this Holy Mischief Maker did for her community and for a random stranger: Holy Mischief Group.


faith, prayer, #HolyMischief

She used the term "bullied"' but I'd guess it was more like "enthusiastic convincing."


Of if you saw this challenge a few weeks ago, you can see the response in the recipient's eyes. He clearly was touched:



This is why storytelling is so powerful! The chemistry in your body changes in response to stories of kindness and generosity. And you may not believe it, but your story is powerful too.


So please.... PLEASE...share your stories!! The world needs to hear them! If you still don't believe your story is worth telling or don't know how to get started, please read this article.


If you ever want to practice your story on me, I'm happy to vet it. I promise to be curious and not judgmental.


Your story is part of God's big story...and the world needs to know it.


Until Everyone Hears,

Dr. K

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Joel 1:3 - New International Version
Tell it to your children,
    and let your children tell it to their children,
    and their children to the next generation.






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