Re-calculating: can we measure faith?

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What counts when it comes to faith?

Numbers don’t lie. But they can change. 

I’m a pastor. We look at numbers on Sunday to give us an idea of reach and engagement. For the past three years I could predict the attendance on any given Sunday based on the prior five years worth of data and the trend for the year.

Then we moved 100% online. Now we measure views. Length of views. Engagement. 

Attendance was never what we needed to measure. But it was the number we started with. 

Views don’t change lives. Engagement and reach do.

Action changes thought. Thoughts change the world.

Numbers don’t lie. But they don’t tell us everything.

How much of “possibility” is about mindset? Or faith? Or belief?

The scriptures of my faith tradition tell us that with God all things are possible. Yet I still hear from believers on a regular basis, “That’s impossible.”

We know what the scripture says. We even like to quote it. But we really don’t believe it.

We place limits on ourselves and box ourselves in and in doing so we limit the divine and put God in a box.

But when we truly open up our minds to the possibility of what’s next. Of something truly innovative… we show the world that our God is bigger than we are. Thinking any less is a bastardized version of our faith.

It’s scary but really fun to do the impossible.

Let’s go.



Until Everyone Hears,





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