The Elixir of Life


I have become one of those people that needs coffee so that I can make the coffee. It’s a hard habit to break but an easy one to get into. I haven’t always been a coffee drinker. In fact although I’ve loved coffee since the 3rd grade when dad let me have a sip, I didn’t drink coffee regularly until 2010. It was shortly after I had some health problems. I had three kids under the age of 10. I had recovered but just barely and coffee made the mornings work.

Now I special order beans from Washington state and grind them myself and brew them in my expensive coffee pot that heats to a higher temp than any other domestic coffee pot. I don’t know who this person is that I’ve become. I judge instant coffee people now.

I feel like I see non-coffee people the way some Christians view non Christians. Sometimes we forget the path we took to get to our faith. We forget that falling in love with God was just as exciting as being in love with God. And we never give people the grace to discover that love on their own. We tell them their brand of life isn’t as good as our brand of life. We end up judging. And then we judge people that judge us while we tell them not to judge.

I can never go back to plain coffee or a morning without the elixir of life. And I don’t want to. But I also want people to only become a coffee person if they are truly ready for it. Because it’s life changing.


  1. Charlene Fuino on October 21, 2020 at 1:37 pm

    I am such a coffee snob that as much as I love that morning cup, if it’s not really good coffee I skio it altogether. My daughter blessed me with a Nesspresso machine this year for my birthday, so now regular coffee is so boring.
    Blessings and joy.

    • skarafanda on October 21, 2020 at 1:41 pm

      I’m a tea snob too. But less so than with coffee.

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