Faith and Innovation

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A Part of My Faith Story:

I’ve been blogging for 14 years. It’s helped me shape my voice. Shape my theology. Shape and navigate the ever changing contexts of ministry. I started writing in 2006, when I was part of a new church launch. Innovation was one of our core values and I was excited to do something new!

But this week, due to the wonderful work of Sarah Snape, I migrated my old blog and website into one beautiful package on WordPress. I’ve used the WordPress platform in churches before so I’m familiar with it. But now my blog has a new home and it is beautiful.


I always try to lean into innovation in ministry and my blog platform is just one way I’ve done that.
Sharing the Word of God with others is innovative because it connects the intersection of God and humans. It connects two things that are meant to go together but due to our brokenness don't always go together.If we truly surrender to God, He disrupts our life. God's work in us is always innovative because God is making us new each day. And we were created to be innovative because we are created in God's image.

I look forward to blogging in this new platform and sharing the joys a life of Holy Mischief can bring.

Until Everyone Hears,
-Dr. K

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