Starving for Wisdom

The saying is true, “We are drowning in in formation while starving for wisdom.” While I have a much easier time getting access to information these days, I use all of that time saved having to sort through what is helpful.

I love to learn but I know I could learn more if I went to the right sources. Here’s my guide to sorting through information to get to wisdom

  1. Set social media time limits. Since I do most of this on my phone, its easy to set a limit. It has helped me from getting lost in the click bait abyss for too long.
  2. Have a small but diverse set of trusted resources. For me this includes Harvard Business Review, Dan Reiland’s blog, National Geographic magazine, and books recommended to me at conferences that I trust (I get them on audible so that I’m not wasting shelf space or commute time.)
  3. Spend time thinking. These ideas need to marinate. They need time to grow into something else useful for my work. Or maybe just for my enjoyment. But thinking time allows new ideas to settle into my soul. It is truly priceless.
  4. Read the Bible and pray. Often my thinking time morphs into prayer time. At this phase I start to see connections between my faith and the world. This is when wisdom can thrive because it doesn’t come from me. It comes from God. That’s what true wisdom is. It’s divine. And it can’t happen by reading Facebook postings alone. There is a process and I’m thankful for those who have shared it with me.
Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?