Saturday Nights with Jesus

Where would Jesus be on a Saturday night in Atlanta and why?

I was asked this recently by one of my holy mischief making friends. It’s really made me think.
Of course there are some immediate, obvious answers like a homeless shelter or a place of worship. Logically he should be in a synagogue on Saturday night but we only have one story of him in a synagogue and that didn’t end well for him. Even if that’s where he was, where would he go next? What would be on his agenda after dark?
Most of the stories of the life of Jesus are about him telling stories, doing miracles, or having encounters with people on the fringe of society. 
Which leads me to think Jesus would probably be in a waiting room at Grady hospital on a Saturday night. I doubt he would heal everyone because not everyone wants to be healed. I doubt he’d tell stories to the entire room because not everyone wants to be connected. But I do think that he would most likely encounter someone who when in the presence of God himself, would be transformed to make the world better. 
Option B would be Music Midtown but that’s topic for another post.
Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?