Everyone Needs a Corby

I will get to what a Corby is in a second. But first think about those times in your life when you conquered a new challenge. Perhaps it was learning to ride a bicycle or applying and interviewing for a new job or getting off the bunny slope or applying for a doctorate. In all of those types of situations who was there with you? Most of the time you probably had someone there cheering you on. For me, my dad ran next to me when the training wheels finally came off. Susan told me I needed to use my gifts in a more challenging place. Nicole and Hans sat with me on the ski lift and let me fall on top of them. And Rick said “The time is now.” Not all of these instances were huge successes but the process of taking a risk and the connections with these people were priceless.

All of the cheerleaders in my life have made me who I am. I could have gotten here without them but the journey would have been much more slow and much less fun. Recently God has placed a new cheerleader in my life. Her name is Corby. Corby is a smart, sassy, petite, fierce, beauty queen, high heel designer shoe wearing, woman of God encourager. I probably left off a few key adjectives but I want you to keep reading. She is new on our staff and works with the children, women, and hospitality teams -and exudes the Holy Spirit. Oh and she’s also a certified life coach and chaplain for the Miss Oklahoma pagent. Her husband has written several books, one of which is “Everyone Needs a Sam.” It is about mentors and encouragers in our lives.

After reading it I realized that Corby has become my Sam (Frodo’s friend who carried him when he needed it the most). Corby has helped me to truly believe that with God all things are possible. She sends me texts often to let me know that I’m on the right track. She hears negativity and turns it into something positive. She is a prayer warrior who will fast and pray for any need small or large because she knows it is important to you.

When you are in leadership, people can often seem to be against you as they live in the tension of change. I’m honored that God  sent me Corby just when I needed her most. Look for the Corbys or Sams in your life and stay connected to them as you make transitions in your life. No one does things alone and honoring your encouragers enables you to be all you can be and helps you encourage others in the future.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?