Giving To The Needy

Here is a great story I heard from Rev. Mike Cash recently.

There was a man who died and wanted to see the difference between heaven and hell. An angel escorted him to hell. He saw lots of people sitting around banquet tables. Each table had a large pot of delicious stew in the middle of the table. Each person had a large spoon extended on the end of each hand but since the spoon was too long they could not serve themselves so they were all starving and miserable.

Then the man went to heaven and saw the same tables. Lots of people were sitting around a delicious stew and each person had a spoon extended on the end of each hand but they were all full and happy – because the people in heaven had been serving each other.

Giving to those in need not only keeps others full and happy but also makes us full. Full of the love of God. It is a means of grace that connects us to one another and reminds us that we are all in need at some point.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?