MOG – Follow Up

As a Blogger I have thrice committed to daily blogging for a specified time period. Once was during Lent 2010. Once was my birthday month 2012. And most recently was our Means of Grace experience 2013.  Each time I’ve loved the experience but also look forward to the break. The quiet of the non-blogging experience is relaxing and enjoyable.

But at a certain point, the quiet turns to the uncomfortableness of anticipation. The waiting for “What’s next?” without really knowing “what’s next.” I am in that place right now. I’m uncomfortable. I know that there is something waiting for me to act upon, examine, or capture. But it hasn’t been revealed yet.

So I wait.

I hate waiting.

And the silence is really killing me. So pray for me to find “what’s next.” Not just in blogging but in life in general and I’ll leave you with a bit of a follow up from our Means of Grace team member – Charity. I think she summed up our experience the best (and I’m thankful for her and others that fill the silence once it becomes beyond uncomfortable).

From Charity:
The Means of Grace small group can be summed up in one word:  AWARENESS.  
The 30-day MOG challenge was amazing!  It brought out a greater sense of awareness in me of my everyday surroundings.  I started to really open my eyes and realize that there are opportunities all around me in which I can help someone, whether it be monetarily, giving a compliment, sharing a laugh to brighten someones day, or sharing my faith either verbally or by example. In addition to the outwardly awareness the MOG has given me, I have been reminded to recognize my inward awareness of my faith.  I know that some days I need to remember why I am here on this earth, and this month of MOG certainly kept my mind on Christ every day.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?