MOG Day 8 – Public Prayer

I often hear from people that they pray all the time at home but there is no way that they’ll pray in front of other people. This reminds me of the movie Elf where Buddy tells Jovie that if you can sing alone you can sing in front of people – there’s no difference. Then he sings loudly and not so prettily in the department store.

There is no difference between praying alone and praying in public except perhaps the content. When we pray for with others we keep them in mind as a group and sometime they have a specific mission that needs to be address. Otherwise it is no different.

A wise friend once always prayed that he could be the person God called him to be and that we could be the church God called us to be.

What a simple and beautiful prayer.

I hope that you can find time today to pray with someone else. For some reason it is more intimate. I can’t explain it but you will feel God’s presence in a different way when you pray with another person.

If you are stuck for what to say, pray what my friend did. That we can be the people and ______ (church, friends, coworkers, family etc) that God calls us to be. Then let God do the rest.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?