MOG Day 24 – Healthy Living

Psalm 150:6

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.Praise the Lord.
Just thinking about being healthy gives some people that guilty anxiety. You know you’ve thought it before, “I really wish I hadn’t eaten the whole sleeve of Girl Scout cookies!” “I can’t remember the last time I exercised.” 
But when you get down to it, being healthy is about living life to the fullest. When you are healthy, you are happier. You have more energy. And most of all, you can do what God calls you to do.
A lot of times, stress gets in the way of pursuing other healthy habits. When we are stressed we often turn to the newly delivered Thin Mints or watch just one more episode of Storage Wars (cause its educational). There’s nothing wrong with savoring a cookie or vegging out in front of the plug-in drug, but long term stress is not… well um.. healthy.
So here’s a little trick that I’ve learned to help calm down and destress a bit.
1) Inhale deeply for a count of 5 (or more). Make sure to breathe from the belly up.
2) Hold for a count of 5 (or same count as before)
3) Exhale for a count of 5
4) Hold for a count of 5
5) Repeat as needed.
This will help you to slow down. Focus on the one thing that needs focus. 
I tend to do this exercise at stop lights. It stops me from picking up the phone (a dangerous no-no) and helps me have more patience with crazy drivers.
Try it! You’ll find that just perhaps you’ll feel a bit better and maybe that will lead to your heart being strangely warmed.
Then you can use your breath for praising God!
Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?