MOG Day 1 (and the schedule)

As we finish up Day 1 of our new small group challenge, we are all excited about what January 2013 holds. Most of us have spent the day with either family or friends. Perhaps watching football or on the road back home…ready to tackle our jobs too soon.

Today was easy. Or as easy as it can get for a group of broken people in need of God’s grace. Which I guess is the reason why we are doing this. To encounter more of God.

It is easy to feel the comfort of God when surrounded by loved ones or remembering the happiness of Christmas. It gets trickier as we fall off the Holiday Cliff. Once the bills arrive, the job starts back, school is in swing, or any number of things kick back into gear, we have to be more intentional about living our faith.

So here is our schedule. If you want to follow along with us, feel free. If you just want to know more about each of these things. I’ll be blogging about each so read on…

Jan 2 – Reading Scripture
Jan 3 – Private Prayer
Jan 4 – Visiting those who are sick
Jan 5 – Giving to the needy
Jan 6 – Worship/Communion
Jan 7 – Fasting
Jan 8 – public prayer
Jan 9 – Christian conferencing
Jan 10 – Healthy living
Jan 11 – Seek justice
Jan 12 – Good works
Jan 13 – Worship
Jan 14 – Communion
Jan 15 – Good works
Jan 16 – visiting those in prison
Jan 17 – healthy living
Jan 18 – Public prayer
Jan 19 – work to end oppression
Jan 20 – Worship
Jan 21 – work to end discrimination
Jan 22 – Giving to the needy
Jan 23 – visiting those in prison
Jan 24 – healthy living
Jan 25 – Good works
Jan 26 – Healthy Living
Jan 27 – Worship
Jan 28 – Good works
Jan 29 – Fasting
Jan 30 – Baptism/Remembrance
Jan 31 – Faith sharing

Until Everyone Hears,

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  1. Gail Joyner on January 2, 2013 at 12:25 am

    Great way to start the new year. Count me in. Gail

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