A Numbered List = Reformation

It never occurred to me before that I might have something in common with Martin Luther.  Then I realized that, he too, was a list maker.

I always knew that there was power in a numbered list, but until this revelation, I had never tried to unleash it.  My past lists were only created for me.  Lists that affected others were not written down.  Such as those on my $%&^ list. I try to be a positive person, so that type of list goes against what I’m aiming for in life.

So with my aim of spreading the love of Jesus and thus living a happy blessed life, here is my list.  May true reform commence.

  1.  I do believe in God and love to talk about Him.  I will keep doing so … well .. you know… Until Everyone Hears.
  2.  There are some things in life that should not be taken for granted. Naps, baby snuggles, bacon, and The Big Bang Theory are a few.  I am thankful for all of these whenever I can experience them and I’m thankful for my family, my healthy, and my church on an ongoing basis.  I encourage you to think about what you are thankful for as well.
  3. I feel that the mind, body and spirit should all be attended to with great care.  It is especially important to teach young children and youth the importance of knowledge, health, and faith.  We do a poor job of this in our culture.  We say the importance of all three, yet our actions show another.
  4. I believe in prayer time with my children.  Every night. Before bed.  I want this to be the last memory they have as they drift off to sleep.
  5. The mandate and art of the Sabbath has been lost.  Our culture makes it very difficult to do so.  We need to be culture changers.
  6. I think that laughter is the best medicine but not when it is directed toward other people.
  7. I know that love is more powerful than anything.
  8. I know that power is a subjective term.
  9. I believe that Martin Luther’s list was too long.  If you don’t keep things simple, then people will stop reading.  Of course he did bring reform, so what do I know.
  10. I know that doing any of the above  are difficult at times.  We are human.  We won’t always get things right.  I am human.  I will fail.  And when I do, I seek forgiveness and repent.  I get back on track.  I keep moving forward. Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?