Lessons Learned

Looking forward to next year.  Someone buy me this t-shirt!!
Well my birthday month is over.  It kind of “jumped the shark” (google it) after #12 (road trip aka retreat with the youth group).  There were many highlights of the month and several lessons learned.  Here are just a few

  • Daily activities are a bit ambitious – I had great hopes for a month of major accomplishments but I have a hard enough time balancing my check book in a week.  Achieving 29 things in a month is more than anyone should handle unless “don’t kill your kids” and “make sure you shower” are on the list.  I could have used more ‘cake’ (punny huh?) activities and I did put a few in but the big ones wore me out so much I just didn’t feel like going to a move by myself or fasting (and really couldn’t handle both in one day.
  • The Birthday Fairy will not organize your birthday month for you. – As much as I like to be in control and plan things, I really was overwhelmed at the idea of my list once it was created.  I sent it to all my friends and hoped that they would each take a day and make it happen.  It didn’t.  Everyone is just as busy as I am and to my credit – everyone wanted to do lots of things on my list and didn’t want to choose just one.
  • 40 really is the new 20 – It used to be that 40 was a big black cloud of a birthday.  It used to be that people would whisper your age during this year like they do when they say “he has cancer” or “she’s a homosexual” or “she’s 40.”  It doesn’t really seem to be the case anymore.  Perhaps I’m just an optimist but a lot of the stigma of 40 is gone and although its still a big one its not much different than 20.  20 is one of those big birthdays that people forget because they know you’ll turn 21 next year.  40 is often forgotten because they know that they’ll be getting your kids graduation presents in a few years so they just save up.
  • The company for the events was just as important as the events. – I really did enjoy my activities but what I’ll remember most from the month is the friends that joined me on the journey.  Jessica who practically came to everything.  My family who put up with my odd behavior.  Lynda who made two things from my list happen.  And my church family(ies) that were there at a few things and supported my crazy efforts.  It is the laughter we shared and the side jokes along the way that will stick.  The view from the Peachtree Plaza won’t.  Its just a great view.  But my friends are more breathtaking (in the figurative sense) than anything I could have put on any list.
So what will happen to the things on my list left to be done?  I’ll keep them around and make sure they happen.  After all, I didn’t get to 40 without realizing that life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and take a look at it, you could miss it.  Oh wait.. actually I didn’t get to 40 without going through the 1980’s and I’m bound and determined to have some fun along the way.

Job 9:26
My life passes like the swiftest boat, as fast as an eagle swooping down on a rabbit.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?