Operation Birthday: Day 17

Today’s Mission: Go to Alvin Ailey in the ATL
Surprise Celebrity sitting behind me —> Baton Bob

I was excited about Date Night and for checking Alvin Ailey off my list.  As we headed off to downtown, he-who-shall-not-be-named-in-sermons-or-blogs was pleasantly positive even though he was inwardly feeling tortured.

I got excited as we sat down and I wondered if this crowd would be okay with me dancing in the aisles during “Revelations.”  As soon as I thought the thought, my question was answered.  I noticed a person with a stunning hat on.  I had been a bit upset at the lack of good hats so far but this one was all shiny and sparkly.

As I turned back around I was tapped on the shoulder and handed a few postcards tied together with a pretty bow.  It appeared that Baton Bob was sitting behind me and he was ready to party.

He was more entertaining than most of the show as he gave his commentary as things happened.  You could tell that he really enjoyed the show because he brought his majorette whistle with him and would blow it repeatedly when everyone else was applauding.

Today’s mission was a hit with a surprise twist and I hope Bob’s night was as fun as mine!

1 Samuel 19:23
As he was going there, the spirit of God took control of him also, and he danced and shouted all the way to Naioth.

Until Everyone Hears,

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