Operation Birthday – Day 1

Well here we are.  Day 1 of my month long celebration.  I’d like to tell you that I was greeted by breakfast in bed with Harry Connick Jr serenading me followed by a hot stone massage.  But I woke up to an alarm that didn’t go off and had to make my own tea and oatmeal.  It could be worse.  I am fortunate to have tea and oatmeal.

My plan for day 1 was a GNO that had to be postponed on both ends of the G’s. So my back up plan went into effect.

I’ve placed a few painting on ebay as a fundraiser for our youth group.  I haven’t had any nibbles but have had a few views. If you are interested, here’s the link for one of them: http://www.ebay.com/itm/220935979308?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_500wt_1203

And some of the pictures are below.  Not a very exciting day for the start of Operation Birthday but I do get an extra day this year for the month long celebration so I’m sure I’ll make up for it.

Psalm 2:7-9
Let me tell you what God said next. He said, “You’re my son, And today is yourbirthday. What do you want? Name it: Nations as a present? continents as a prize? You can command them all to dance for you, Or throw them out with tomorrow’s trash.”

Until Everyone Hears,


  1. tinkrbell on February 4, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    How much for the pink one with circles?

  2. Shannon Karafanda on February 4, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    That one is $30 and and extra $5 for shipping.

    You can get that one at this link:


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