Where in the world is Shannon Karafanda?

Tyrone, GA

I’ve put the blog on hold for awhile because I started a new job.  I’m now the Youth Pastor at Hopewell UMC in Tyrone, GA. It has been exciting getting to know everyone and discover what makes this church so special.  Since there’s so much of a learning curve when you start at a new church, I’ve put my energy into the job and not into the blog.  So if you’ve missed it…


But the great news is that I’ve got some AMAZING material for the blog!  Teenagers have the best examples of how to live the Christian life either because they aren’t afraid to do something really stupid and learn from it or they’ve done something super fun that I just have to share.

If you’re one of my students reading this blog, first of all congrats for reading something that doesn’t include an annoying orange video, and second, don’t worry I won’t embarrass you… much… unless I have your permission.

If you’re wondering what you have to look forward to, here are some sneak peeks…

  • Can I pass for your sister?
  • You’re pretty funny for an old lady.
  • So let’s say you did “____”, would you still go to heaven?
  • I wore this shirt and thought about your sermon and said “crap.”
  • What’s the deal with all the sock monkeys?
  • (and my personal favorite) Here’s your pot.

Also look for some classics such as poop and birthday celebrations to make an appearance.

Happy Reading!
Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?