What like you blend?

I’m not a crafter most of the time but tonight in the Karafanda home we melted crayons together into a heart shaped mold.

The project required using “naked” crayons broken into small pieces.  When I’m coloring with my three year old, all I find is naked, broken crayons but when needing them for a craft we (and by “we” I mean Jessica Johnson) had to take all of the paper off of the ones we were using.

The craft didn’t have the results expected.  We were hoping for more of a marbled look that might color two colors at once.  What we got was more of a finger painting look.  The colors didn’t really blend most likely due to a temperature/time difference.

Sometimes we try to blend things together that don’t need blending.  They might compliment each other but fusing the two together just doesn’t work.  A great example of this is peanut butter and chocolate.  They taste great together but put together in a food processor, you won’t end up with complimentary flavors but a totally different taste.  Not a bad taste but different.

There are times when you want things to compliment each other and when you want them to blend.  We have to realize this with people too.

There are times when we need to hear amazing solos from people and other times we want to hear a great orchestral work.

What I ended up getting was the crayola equivalent of a chamber orchestra or even a string quartet.

So today as you follow what God is calling you to do, ask if you are supposed to be blending or complimenting.  It could make all the difference in how you serve Him.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?