Too much of a good thing

I’ve started a Bible reading plan that will allow me to read the Bible all the way through in one year.  So far I’m on track and doing great (and yes it is only Jan 5 but most people have cheated on their diets by now so I’m feeling pretty smug).

I was thrilled to discover that my YouVersion app will read the Bible to me. So take that excuse out of my list.  I can now listen in the car or while I randomly lose three hours on facebook or Pinterest.

But what I really like about the Bible app is the voice.  It isn’t James Earl Jones but very close and when he says “torment” I actually feel torment.   I hope the mystique doesn’t wear off like it has with other people who have read the Bible to me.  Sometimes after a few weeks the spark is gone.

As it is each time I read the Bible, I discover something new.  This week I found out how alike one of my sons is to Cain.  No he hasn’t killed anyone that I know of.. yet.. but I never realized how badly Cain “back talked”.  And not just to his Mama but to THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY (can’t wait to hear that one in the new Biblical voice).

For some reason, this time, when Cain says, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” I just want to smack him.  This is GOD you’re talkin’ to punk!  Maybe I’ve been in youth ministry too long.

So I was happy to post to facebook that Cain was not only the first murderer but the first back talker and smart aleck.  Then I got a gift in my inbox that I may treasure for quite sometime.  Cain was also the first constipated man.  Yes I know, I’m surprised that it wasn’t Adam too but my friend Dan Langford sent me this “song” that he learned as a youth in an Episcopal church.  It gives me hope that not only are the Bible heroes real, but that I might have a place in the Episcopal church if the UMC ever kicks me out.  Enjoy…

What are your thoughts?