The 40 List

As usual I plan to celebrate my birthday the ENTIRE month of February. Its a good thing that we have 29 days this year because this is a BIG birthday for me. This year instead of just scheduling lunch and dinner dates all month long, I’ve planned out different activities to do each day (not necessarily in this order). So if you’re game to join me for some of these (the romantic date night is reserved for my hubby or top five list) let me know. I’m ready to party in style!

  1. Go some place I have to wear formal attire (and of course buy something “smokin’ hot” to wear to it)
  2. Spa day
  3. Road trip
  4. Live band Karaoke
  5. Blog daily (complete with pictures)
  6. GNO
  7. Climb Stone Mountain
  8. Do Bikram (hot) yoga
  9. Take a night-time tour of Oakland Cemetery
  10. See a show at the Shakespeare Tavern
  11. Run the heart to heart race
  12. Go see Alvin Ailey at the Fox
  13. Shout “Drinks are on me!” (probably need to do this at Chick-fil-a)
  14. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  15. Set up my ebay shop with paintings
  16. Go to a worship service with Carolyn
  17. Go to a movie alone.
  18. Buy a new piece of furniture (preferably antique)
  19. Fast for one day
  20. Visit a state I’ve never been to (FYI Kentucky is the closest)
  21. Make a viral video
  22. Go horseback riding
  23. Have drinks at the Sun Dial (or go to the top of the Bank of America building)
  24. A super romantic date night
  25. Fill out applications for doctorate
  26. Make a fabulous dinner for my family.
  27. Shopping day at Mall of Georgia or Arbor Place
  28. Visit the Hindu Temple w/Dapo’s family
  29. Do a flash mob

What are your thoughts?