Passion Conference

It was great to get some texts this week from some “youth” who are no longer “youth” who attended the Passion Conference.  I was thrilled to hear about how these college students had their hearts transformed for mission and how they all came together.  When one of my bud “BBGUN” got back, she came to visit me and described how awesome this particular worship experience was (see video below).  It must have been even more spectacular in person!

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“In lines that snaked down the hallways of the Georgia World Congress Center, students waited their turn to give their own money that will go toward organizations working to prevent, rescue and restore those who’ve suffered.
The goal was a million dollars.
Remember, many a college student has been known to search beneath couch cushions for burger change. Not this week. By 3:30 Wednesday afternoon the goal had already been reached with thousands still in line to give.”
Last I heard they’d collected over 3 million.
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