“And do not go up to my altar on steps, or your private parts may be exposed.” – Exodus 20:26

I’m not sure exactly what kind of underwear they wore in Biblical times but this verse leads me to think that they went commando.

There have been those rare times in life when I’ve worn a skirt or dress and had to walk somewhere with the fear that a) I’ll end up doing a Marilyn Monroe and not looking quite so sexy at it or 2) there will be guys under the bleachers trying to see if my name is Victoria and I have any secrets.

Most of the time its not an issue.  I’m more of a jeans girl so my biggest worries are if crack kills or if my jeans qualify at mom jeans.

I always thought that clothing didn’t matter to God.  God didn’t care how we dressed for church – He really just wants us to go to church.  And Jesus tells us not to worry about what to wear – I try to think about that every time I get shopping anxiety trying to find the right outfit.

But even though we aren’t to worry, I think that God does care about our clothes.  He cares about everything about us.  We may wonder at times why all this weird stuff is in the Bible but when we step back and take a look at it, there’s a sentiment that God cares about everything we do.  Not that we need to worry about every detail but that every detail matters to God.

God doesn’t want others to see our hoo-ha during a time when we are doing something sacred (like going to God’s altar).  Hoo-ha viewing is reserved for those select times when we 1) are being fruitful and multiplying or B) seeing a doctor for medical necessity. 

So don’t go commando at church.  And remember that God loves you no matter what, but He can still have a good chuckle when we have a wardrobe malfunction.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?