Prayer Requests

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Prayer Requests

This weekend I had a lot of people sending me requests for prayer. Prayer for safety during the hurricane. Prayer to find a new job. Prayer for discernment. Prayer for healing. Prayer for thanksgiving.

As I prayed I felt that my words were inadequate. My “God please bless all these people” prayer just didn’t cut it. So I searched for prayers written by others that already dealt with each of these requests.

This week I’ll share those with you.

Tonight I pray for all my friends and family who were/are in the path of Irene. This prayer is for you:

O God, you divided the waters of chaos at creation.
In Christ you stilled storms, raised the dead,
and vanquished demonic powers.
Tame the earthquake, wind, and fire,
and all the forces that defy control or shock us by their fury.
Keep us from calling disaster your justice.
Help us, in good times and in distress,
to trust your mercy and yield to your power, this day and for ever.

by Andy Langford

Until Everyone Hears,

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