Prayer for Discernment


Listening through Prayer:

I heard the testimony of someone who felt the Holy Spirit telling her to continually pray for wisdom and discernment. At the time she didn’t even know what discernment was.

Basically it means distinguishing between two options or understanding what the next best move is. I’ve had a few requests from a few people this week for discernment. They feel like they are walking in the wilderness and desperately want to get out. This prayer is for them:

Prayer for Discernment:

Almighty God, in a world of change you placed eternity in our hearts and gave us power to discern good from evil.

Grant us sincerity, that we may persistently seek the things that endure, refusing those which perish, and that, amid things vanishing and deceptive, we may see the truth steadily, follow the light faithfully, and grow ever richer in that love which is the life of all people;
through Jesus Christ our Savor.


by Hugh Cameron

Until Everyone Hears,

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