We Got Next

From Holy Land

After a day of seeing places that may or may not have been a place that Mary, Joseph, Jesus or Paul may or may not have done something at, we finally came to the synagogue in Nazareth. Nazareth is a small town by today’s standards but back in the JC day it would have been around 300 people. Everybody would have known everybody and nothing could have been kept secret. With a town that size and no need for denominational differences yet, there would have been only one synagogue and we got to sit right inside of it.

Sitting there I looked at the Christian altar that seemed so out of place and it hit me. No matter where else I had been that day, I was definitely walking on the original floor where Jesus walked. Not only had he been there, he had worshiped there and came back as and adult to preach there (Luke 4:14-28) And then they kicked him out.

As I was leaving the synagogue, there were two other groups trying to get in (its a very small place). I turned around to get one more look and one more picture. I guess I took just a few seconds too long because the guide for that site snapped at me a tiny bit and told me to move along. I got a small amount of satisfaction knowing that I got kicked out too.

The picture that I took on my way out is below. It is the view out the window of the synagogue. I’m not sure what the view was like when Jesus was a boy, but I could just picture someone staring out the window while services were going on, looking at the basketball hoop and thinking, “We got next.”

From Holy Land

That’s just what Jesus did. He went out into the world and didn’t let Nazareth stop him from spreading a great message. He really did get the next game in and in my opinion became a champion.

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