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From Holy Land

Yesterday’s blog told the story of my discovery of the famous Jesus Christ Superstar tree. It was an exciting time and the fun didn’t end there.

Toward the end of the tour of Beit Shean, I walked through the theater. What better way to display my knowledge of Jesus Christ Superstar songs than in the theater. One of the cohorts on the trip, who works in music ministry, actually encouraged me to sing. So with feeling and emotion that would make any Oscar winner jealous, I belted out “I don’t know how to love him” for a few of my friends and four strangers sitting in the audience. Apparently I was amazing because they applauded when I was done (one even stood up).

I let a few others take the spotlight while I checked out the rest of the theater. In the back were exits called vomitoriums. Vomitoriums were engineered into Roman amphitheaters as a means of rapidly emptying the crowds down prescribed exits that channeled people out quickly and efficiently. The technique is employed in modern theaters and sports stadia today.

Who can’t resist seeing a vomitorium?

As I was admiring the vomitorium, the four guys who were wowed by my performance gathered on stage and started yelling at me. It kind of looked like they wanted me to take there picture but they weren’t speaking English, French or Spanglish so I had no idea if that was the case.

Then one of the guys said, “Facebook!” and I knew I was correct. I took their picture and now am true to my word. The photo will immortalize them in the international social media site that spans many cultures and languages.

I guess if Jesus didn’t bring people together, perhaps Facebook can. And therefore help us spread God’s love in new ways.

Until Everyone Hears,

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