From Holy Land

I was very intrigued to see the city wall of Jerusalem. We don’t have physical walls in the US around our cities. The closest we have gated communities on one level or possibly NORAD on a different level.

These stone walls that took forever to build were fascinating to me because of the entrances and exits on them. There were many ways in and out of the city depending on why you were leaving. If you were bringing in sheep for sacrifice, you’d use the sheep gate. If you were getting water for your family, you’d use the water gate.

But of course my favorite gate was the Dung Gate. If you needed to get rid of… you know… poo, you’d take it in and out of the dung gate. Its not sanitary to take dung out of the water gate or vice versa. Each gate had a specific purpose and it was important physically to remember to use the correct one.

How often do we use something other than for its intended purpose? Does it ever work out well? Sometimes I guess we get lucky and instead of paint for the walls we now have liquid paper for mistakes (if we still use that stuff). But for the most part we have warnings on our lawn-mowers not to use them to trim bushes because somebody tried it and while lifting the active lawn-mower up to the bush, also removed a finger or two.

When God tells us to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, are we really doing what God intended or are we trying to redefine holy? Are we resting or being just like the rest? God gave us 7 days with very specific instructions. Work, Love, Rest. Its pretty easy actually.

Maybe it would be easier if our days were labeled. 1st Work/Love day… Rest/Love day.

In any case, enjoy your day today. Whether its a vacation/love/rest day or a work/love day, either way may it be for God’s glory.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?