Culture and Camels

From Holy Land

When I was about 8 years old, there was a small circus that set up tents near my neighborhood. In their parking lot they had a baby elephant that kids could ride (for a fee of course). To me this was better than any circus I could ever go to. I didn’t just get to see the elephant; I got to ride it!

So when I was told we’d have a chance to ride camels in Jerusalem I jumped at the chance. I’m not sure why this intrigued me so but it did. Its not like people still ride camels around town, especially not around a parking lot. I just wanted to experience something instead of seeing something.

Later that night a group of us wanted to go out into Jerusalem and see a part of the city that wasn’t particularly old or religious. We were finally able to find a nice area where we felt like were experiencing the local culture instead of studying the ancient culture.

From Holy Land

Don’t get me wrong. I came to Israel to see old, religious stuff, but I also know that there’s more to a city than the old religious stuff. That stuff molds the new way things happen. It was good to see in the same day, people praying at the wailing wall dressed appropriately for their religion and then to see the same people out for dinner in the evening.

Religion isn’t just about the places and history; its also about the current culture and present time. When we can find where the two meet, we can truly reach people with a beautiful message.

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