“All mine are yours and yours are mine.” John 17:1-11

I just finished reading all of the Percy Jackson books due to a recommendation from my son. He had read all of them and thought I would like them and he was right. They are great and entertaining. The stories are about Greek and Roman gods and other mythological creatures. It all comes down to the battle between good and evil but I like the twists that are thrown in that let us know that good and evil aren’t always cut and dry.

While reading these books I feel like I need a family tree to keep up. All the gods are related to each other and have various powers and realms. At times it gets confusing.

Our monotheistic trinitarian God isn’t quite so simple either. As much as I believe in the Trinity, there are so many times it boggles my mind that I just have to take a break and wish that wikipedia had a diagram (more precise than a triangle or clover).

In the scripture above, Jesus is praying. The concept of Jesus praying is one aspect of the Trinity that I could talk about for quite some time but what I do see here is the one-ness of God.

There is no – Jewish disciples vs gentile disciples. There is no my God vs your God. There is one God for all with a message of love and grace.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?