“…and what is the immeasurable greatness of his power for us who believe,” Ephesians 1:19

My son is getting into some complex math these days. I always thought that once you had to start memorizing formulas, you’d hit the big time of applied mathmatics and it was either uphill or downhill from there. Those of us on the mathlete track started to really train hard and enjoyed every minute of it. Those on the “will I really use this in life” track suffered through and hopefully made it out ok.

Power is one of those things that we can use a math formula to calculate. In calculating simple electrical power we simply multiply the voltage times the electrical current (P=VI or Joule’s law for all the other mathletes).

So when scripture says that God has immeasurable power what does that mean? How does that affect our formula?

In the above formula there needs to be a change and a medium in order for the formula to measure accurately. I think that if we were to apply this formula to God (just for fun), we’d have to think about what an unchanging God would change in order to measure His power. We’d also have to figure out what medium God would use for His power. Just as we have gas, electric, solar etc as sources of power. God probably has many mediums of power as well.

From my experience it seems that God changes our hearts more than anything. I’m sure there are several other examples but to me the change of heart that a person can have after experiencing God is the most beautiful. As for medium, I’ve seen scripture, experience, and other people help in this transformation.

When you think about how our hearts and attitudes can change as a result of a Godly experience and how that affects change in us can affect others around, you no longer have a simple math formula. You’ve moved onto exponential change that leads to the infinite. And that’s something that is immeasurable and amazing.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?