“Or are you envious because I am generous?” Matthew 20: 15b

Do you ever play the lottery and mentally spend the money you would get if you won? To me that’s the best part. The odds are so bad at winning that I really just enjoy the fun of hypothetically spending the money since I probably won’t get to in reality.

My favorite parts of this exercise is the first things I’ll use the money for and the last things. The first thing would be my tithe. I’m a tither so Id automatically give 10% to the church. I’ve worked in many churches and very few have ever said, “What do we do with all this extra money?” For once I’d love to give the church that challenge.

Then I’d finish the Dave Ramsey baby steps. Boring – I know – but very practical.

I’d finish up with some travel and generosity. I’d give to as many people and causes as I could.

Isn’t it funny that giving away money would make me the happiest? I’d rejoice in helping others and hope they could pay it forward as well.

Perhaps that is what makes God the happiest. Its not that we’ve earned so much of His love but that He has so much to give that makes Him happy and when we are ready to receive it He rejoices with us.

Until Everyone Hears,

What are your thoughts?