You have to see it!

A city built on a hill cannot be hid. Matthew 5:14b

I love the scene in the movie “Blast From the Past” where the main character finally sees a baseball game after living in an underground bunker for his whole life. His father had tried to explain it to him so that maybe someday he could enjoy the game or even play. But when he finally gets to go to a baseball game he stands up with one of those “aha” looks on his face and says, “Now I get it! You really have to see it!”

Somethings you really have to see to understand. I recently took a trip to the Holy Land and I had several “aha” moments. Things that I had been thinking about scripture in my head were vastly different when I visited in person. It really was eye opening.

One of the things was the geography in Galilee. There were several flat areas where they would farm and then various hills or mountains where they would build cities. I thought it was odd that they would want to live in the sloping areas but then realized how old these cities were and acknowledged that this is a great defense from attach. Something we don’t have to think as much about when selecting a subdivision to live in.

I saw the “city on a hill” that the scripture above describes. It really cannot be hidden. Our hills in Georgia are different from hills in Galilee. We have tons of trees and lots of small hills running into each other. They can sit in their houses and see the cars coming for miles.

When you stand in a place like that we think about all the things we can see, but Jesus turned it around in this scripture. In this position, think about all the people that can see you.

May you live today so that you are an example to others and know that you are not hidden. You are a great model of God’s love and beautiful creation.

Until Everyone Hears,

ps – After Lent I’ll be blogging about some other discoveries on my trip. Hope you’ll tune in!

What are your thoughts?