I feel a little like the church lady when talking about this topic. Not one of my favorites but one that needs to be addressed none-the-less.

The question I usually get from youth is “If God created everything, where did evil come from?” I look directly at the teenager asking the question and say, “It comes from YOU!”

Okay I don’t make it sound that scary but the truth is that it does come from us. James 1:12-18 tells us the evolution of evil: temptation leads to sin which leads to death.

God created us with free will so that we can return His love with no strings attached. We don’t love God because He makes us love Him, we love Him for who He is.

But this free will can also get the better of us. A “Do not push” button is really too tempting. If you stand next to it long enough, eventually you’ll break the rules and all sorts of other issues will ensue.

You might think that you’re missing a good opportunity by walking away from this temptation, but life is full of choices and by walking away from one thing will lead to something else. Who is to say that the other opportunity isn’t even greater?

Whatever path you choose, may it lead to love and grace.

Until Everyone Hears,

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  1. Trinka on March 24, 2011 at 12:14 am

    This just raises so many more questions. Its good the kids have you to listen to theirs.

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