My 100th Blog

I’m a numbers person. Most people get upset with the church because they think that clergy only want more numbers – people and money. And I’ll let you in on a little secret. We do. We want more people and more money. They are major factors in helping to transform the world – but that’s not all we want and that’s a blog for a different day.

Todays blog is about the numbers from 2010. It helps me to look at things this way so that I can make 2011 even better. So here’s my recap.

30,000 – number of miles I put on my cars for the sake of ministry
2 – number of churches that I can now add as blessings in my life
200 – number of new facebook friends
10 – number of pounds I lost and regained
30 – number of youth that went on confirmation retreats from my churches
1 – number of years my oldest son has left at elementary school
34 – number of blog posts
200 – number of kids at VBS
5 – number of trips I took to the emergency room
3 – number of scars I now have on my body
200 – number of sheets of paper I had to print to turn into the Board of Ordained Ministry
1 – number of times I was happy about wearing red and black in Athens
12 – number of dates I went on with my husband
100 – number of birthday candles that we blew out at our house this year
1 – number of new cars
2 – number of trips to the beach
countless – number of times I really messed up
countless – number of times I’ve received God’s grace

So all in all it was good year. I’m still here. I’ve got a great family and great jobs.

What’s in store for 2011? More of the good stuff. And its all good stuff.

Happy New Year,

Dr./Special K

What are your thoughts?